Specialty Lines

The exceptional events of recent years have turned our world upside down, creating increasingly complicated risk scenarios for us and for businesses. We have experienced directly how the effects of the pandemic, war and climate change can affect our economy.

Now more than ever, SMEs need prevention and protection from all the special risks to which they are exposed. More than ever, targeted coverage is needed, tailored to their specific needs and business models. More than ever, the high level of under-insurance among SMEs - the beating heart of our country’s economy - is a matter of urgency.
That’s why REVO exists. Team, technology, operational efficiency and distribution: we aim to be the go-to speciality insurer for small and medium-sized enterprises, but we work with specific skills, also offering solutions to large companies and professionals.
Our journey began with the acquisition of Elba Assicurazioni, which opened the door to surety and guarantee insurance. By getting people with decades of experience involved, we then expanded our offering to accident, casualty, property and engineering and business interruption, and developed the financial lines, agriculture, private credit, fine art, aviation and marine lines of business.
We will continue to expand and enrich our offering to meet all the special needs of SMEs.

Our new product plan

How they work

Each company has its own unique characteristics: therefore, the ideal insurance solution can’t be standard. Our specialty lines exist precisely to protect businesses from “non-traditional” dangers, which we are able to evaluate thanks to our underwriters’ long experience in specific niche sectors and an innovative business model that is strongly oriented towards technical excellence.
We designed and created OVERX, a technology platform that combines the skills of underwriters in a single digital location, analyses and monitors a huge amount of data and enables modular, tailor-made solutions to be generated using an advanced algorithm. The platform can also be used to model products with the cover present, allowing the intermediary to finalise a proposal independently.
And if the time you had to wait before you had an answer from the insurer were a problem for you, OVERX generates the policy in real time. We want to be a game-changer: technological soul, innovative head and, at heart, the insurance business done in a new way.


Specialty lines: Our vision

Become the reference Specialty insurer in the Italian SME and professionals market

logoUnderwriting strategy and high-calibre skills
logoAn innovative distribution model
logoA solution-oriented approach


Data Driven

Products based on both internal and external data. Because every SME is a unique customer with specific characteristics to consider

Bundled solutions

Thanks to the efficiency of our IT system, the waiting time for quotes has been reduced to zero

Tailor-made: one of our pillars

We offer tailor-made solutions thanks to our know-how, which works for our intermediaries and customers

ESG factors in the pricing process

Definition of an ESG-oriented pricing strategy, supported by innovative ESG-driven pricing models

Who makes it possible

The Underwriters

Surety, transport, art, aviation - these are just some of the areas encompassed by our specialty lines. And it’s immediately obvious how different and incomparable they are. Assessment of the risks faced by each SME therefore requires specific skills and experience.
That’s why we wanted to create a team of underwriters dedicated to every speciality line of business, each headed by a person with a long track record in the relevant niche.

The Head of Underwriting

This is a key person who coordinates the entire team of experts, defines the underwriting guidelines and governs the growth of the lines of business.


The lines of business

Agriculture: Weather risks
Casualty: third-party liability and accidents
Financial Lines
Marine Cargo
Marine Hull
Private Credit Insurance
Property & Engineering
Legal Protection