Who we are and why we’re here

We call ourselves REVO, as in revolution, and we’re the insurer that wants to change the rules of the game.
Was there any need for a new insurance company? Maybe not, but was there a need for a new insurance company that’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before? You bet.
We wanted to make it simple and intuitive, without complications and delays. And we created it.
Why? Because we believe in a future where technology, safety and corporate culture will move in parallel, helping each other to shape the tomorrows that people deserve. A future full of possibilities. Our area of business is specialty lines and parametric policies, with Italian SMEs as our primary focus. We go where others can’t, or don’t plan to go, to protect new industries and provide new services.
We create modular and flexible products that can be adapted for all requirements: not only yours, but also those of your business and your ambitions.
We use our technology, experience, and ability to see possibilities where others only see limitations.
We are REVO, the business partner you needed to achieve your goals and get to where your plans become a reality.


Our vision: breaking the boundaries of traditional insurance.

We intend to take traditional insurance into the future.
A future where technology, efficiency, and experience transform policies that don’t meet your needs into the perfect policy, uncertain compensation into certainty and slow waiting times into immediate responses.
Not just for the sake of our customers and partners, but for everyone. Because when people feel safe, when they can live worry-free, the world becomes a better place.

chi siamo


Our mission: making insurance simpler, to enhance our customers’ future

We are committed to making things simpler.
We are committed to giving our partners quick answers, more solutions, and direct and simpler points of contact.
We are committed to helping all our customers never waste time and peace of mind on figuring out what they’re buying when they take out a policy, talking to loss adjusters or accessing compensation. That’s the only way to be the perfect ally for our partners, for SMEs, for people: the ally who is there to support you as you embark on your journey to growth and success.

chi siamo

What we believe in

We believe in:

What is a revolution? It’s a radical transformation of thought, traditions and habits.
We’re not just improving the insurance world. We want to revolutionise it and bring new meaning to the words insurance, policy and compensation. That’s why you will never hear us say, That’s the way it’s always been, but only, How do we make the ordinary extraordinary? To achieve our goals, we have gone back to basics and rethought our technology, decision-making and customer relationships.
How do we do it? We don’t take anything for granted, because there’s no such thing as the status quo: there’s only an intention to transform insurance.