We have learned over the years that lengthy, bureaucratic and over-rigid systems create mistrust, uncertainty and a lot of boredom. And it’s not easy to protect and support people who don’t want to listen to you.
Our goal is to change people’s perspective on insurance. This new perspective is a technology platform and it has a name: OVERX, a unique market tool based on our proprietary technology, which enables us to automate processes and form contracts quickly.
How does it work? We have combined the latest technology with an exceptional team of underwriters to quote for individual risks more accurately and quickly than the rest of the market.
The result? Tailored policies for customers and time and efficiency savings for our partners.

The key principles of IT strategy

iconData Centric
iconSecurity e Privacy by design

High seniority of the IT managerial front line for monitoring key factors and strategy definition

Few and selected medium-sized strategic technology partners

Highly specialized internal resources to oversee the main activities

Extreme attention to cyber security issues

The technology

How were we able to create such an innovative tool? Simple: we are a tech insurance company, and to achieve results beyond the ordinary we use extraordinary technologies, making them work for the insurance heart of REVO.
These technologies are an enabler for the deep expertise and insurance experience in our team, where everyone channels their efforts into a new way of doing insurance.
Our OVERX platform has a bold design and construction.

Multi-cloud architecture

The entire platform is based on multicloud architecture, has an amazingly easy low code interface and can communicate through APIs with the systems most commonly used by intermediaries.

Artificial Intelligence

We have used the latest artificial intelligence and natural language processing solutions to interpret email texts and automate information exchange.


We are connected to huge databases, leveraging a massive use of data to eliminate questionnaire completion times and calculate risks and quotations in real time.


We rely on the blockchain to write policies at the speed of light with smart contracts and pay automatic claims completely securely.

This is how we designed it: so that the most complex systems work to make the user experience simple, understandable and fast.

OVERX: built to enhance data


OverX is a competitive tool that helps REVO to gain market share quickly, also configuring itself as a management software for small intermediaries and a simplified interface for large brokers.

The benefits

What does that mean? It means both our partners and our customers benefit. Thanks to:



The answers that intermediaries need, be they agencies or brokers, currently take too long in a world where data exchange is increasingly vital and rapid.
Speed equals time saving: that’s why we have automated communication and data collection. What’s more, the oracles for our parametric policies speak directly to the platform, so settlement is automatic and immediate.
All this makes OVERX the fastest system on the market for building custom policies.



Today's intermediaries are faced with products that are too standardised and do not always meet the customer’s specific needs.
OVERX is the backbone with which we can put together, write and manage insurance policies in a flexible, modular and automatic way. It’s the policy that needs to be tailored to the customer, not the customer to the policy.



Reliability and security: in this area we are uncompromising. With us, customer data are safe, and smart contracts are carved into the blockchain’s “digital rock.”



OVERX is the technological heart of REVO. It also makes the most complex and cumbersome steps simpler and faster, because it supports intermediaries and underwriters when they have to take part in decision-making processes. Procedures, waiting times and processes that usually take weeks are resolved within hours.
With OVERX, native implementations with all the IT systems of the main intermediaries are also possible, always ensuring a high level of integration.