Related party transactions

Pursuant to Consob Resolution 17221 of 12 March 2010, as amended, in particular with regard to the provisions of Consob Resolution 21624 of 10 December 2020, REVO has adopted a related party transactions procedure in order to ensure that such transactions are carried out in accordance with the principles of transparency and substantive and procedural correctness. Related parties are parties that undertake relations with the Company and the Group to which they belong which could influence decisions that management may be called on to take with regard to relationships in which they are directly or indirectly involved. In this context, an important role is assigned to the committee composed of independent Directors specifically dedicated to the assessment of transactions and matters related to relations with related parties. The procedure is periodically updated in the light of changes in the regulatory environment and its effectiveness in practice. The procedure has been in force since the date of listing on the Euronext Milan market, i.e. 21.11.2022.

Related Party Transactions Procedure