Fine Art

We insure works of art, jewellery and other precious objects of historical and artistic value that are traded on the art and antiques market. All our cover has been designed to provide tailor made formulas to specific customer needs. We insure all operators in the sector, including private collectors, corporates and foundations, exhibitions and museum collections, auction houses, restorers, owners of fine house, historic dwellings and historic cars, jewellers, goldsmiths and manufacturing companies.

What we cover

All-risk cover
Earthquake and flood damage
Risk assessment
Appraisal of works
Depreciation up to 100%
Accepted estimate

Nicoletta Navarra

Art is passion. And my passion is my work. Ten years in the fine art and jewellery business, working with London and the United States. I’ve underwritten all kinds of cover within the limits of my authority and managed referrals of risks out of my authority. I’ve worked with consultants and surveyors on risk assessments and with experts on art collection valuations.


The lines of business

Agriculture: Weather risks
Casualty: third-party liability and accidents
Financial Lines
Marine Cargo
Marine Hull
Private Credit Insurance
Property & Engineering
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