Our name is REVO, as in “revolution”, and we’re the insurer that changes the rules of the game.

A new era has begun in the insurance market. It’s called REVO, and it’s simple, intuitive, flexible and incredibly fast insurance.
Our mission is to improve the future of companies, our partners, and people.
Our sphere of action is specialty lines and parametric policies. Through our proprietary technology, OVERX platform and the experience of our team, we break the boundaries of traditional insurance to protect new sectors and offer new services. We create modular and flexible products that can be adapted for all requirements: not only yours, but also those of your business and your ambitions.
Find out what our team can do for your business and how we can make your plans become a reality.

Specialty Lines

Every company is unique, which is why business insurance solutions can’t be standardised. REVO is the go-to specialty insurer to protect SMEs and professionals from non-traditional risks.

Parametric policies

With our parametric policies we have reversed the traditional way of doing insurance: it’s no longer the business that fits the policy, but the policy that fits the business. We start with its needs and build a tailor-made solution. We are the first to do this, and we’re achieving it through data analysis, oracles, automatic compensation, blockchain and simplified contracts.


The policy revolution has a name: OVERX, a platform created by our proprietary technology that enables us to automate processes and get to the contract incredibly quickly. The result? Tailored policies for our customers, no waiting and efficiency for our partners.

The team


Alberto Minali, CFA

Every career path tells a story. Every CV is a journey of aspirations and obstacles to overcome. Mine took me to where I am now and opened the way to an exciting new adventure.


Stefano Semolini

Black or white, good or bad, profit or social utility? It doesn’t always have to be “either...or”: there really are solid companies that also do a lot for people. My mission in this field began in 2000, and today, at REVO, I know that I can combine growth with ethics.


Paola Negri

I’m an HR Executive specialised in IT, telecoms and insurance. I like to work with people. Actually, I’d say more: I like playing in a team, passing the ball to score points and winning together. And REVO is the most united team I’ve ever had the pleasure of working in.


Jacopo Tanaglia

Set a goal, set it high - very high - and start to climb. Step by step, always looking up. Am I talking about insurance or mountains? Both: because exceeding my limits has always been my motivation.


Simone Lazzaro

Do you know why football is a metaphor for life? Because you have to run as fast as you can, protect the ball, help your team mates at any cost and look at the goal as if it’s the only thing that matters in the universe. Well, that’s what insurance means for me.


Fabio De Ferrari

I’ve worked for the biggest insurers in Europe: in the UK, France, Germany, and then back in Italy. Today, REVO is the team I’ve chosen for a big new challenge: building an insurer that provides real support for people and their future.

Work with us

Underwriter Property

As an Underwriter Property with REVO, you will work closely with the LoB Manager, the Claims Office and Reinsurance in a collaborative and very dynamic environment to help develop the class and ensure that the Company’s goals are achieved.

Underwriter - Surety Class

As a Surety Class Underwriter with REVO, you will work closely with the Area Manager and the Surety Structure in a collaborative, youthful and dynamic environment to help strengthen the class and ensure that the Company’s goals are achieved.

Audit - Underwriting Specialist Auditor

As an Underwriting Specialist Auditor with REVO, you will work closely with the Head of Internal Audit to carry out audits of corporate processes, with the main focus on the auditing of underwriting processes relating to the various LoBs (Surety, Marine Hull, Marine Cargo, Aviation, Engineering, Liability, Accident & Sport, Agriculture, Property, Professional Liability and D&O).

Junior Actuary - Actuarial Function

As a Junior Actuary with REVO, you will work closely with the Head of the Actuarial Function in a collaborative, youthful and dynamic environment, contributing to the function’s activities and ensuring that the Company’s goals are achieved.

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The future belongs to those who can see it

ESG identity

For us at REVO, sustainability is not just a set of practices to adopt, it’s part of our identity.



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