We value people of value

The world of work is changing. There are those who are stuck in the past, those who chase novelties and, by contrast, those who make real innovations. A robust and growing environment is no longer enough: we also have to convey a vision of the future that inspires our daily lives. In other words, we need to make people feel that they are the protagonists of the ongoing change in industry and society.

People who join our team first of all find an environment where they can experience first-hand the values we aim to promote through our new concept of insurance. An environment where simplification, innovation and determination permeate every thought and action, to constantly remind us that we are here to revolutionise the way insurance is done and to improve our future and that of the people who rely on us.

The value of people

They call it human capital: we call it a priceless asset. REVO people and their skills are one of our main development levers.
That’s why we try to make the most of them, in every possible way.

logoCorporate culture

We cultivate a corporate culture that elevates the value of the team and teamwork, while constantly stimulating and promoting the entrepreneurial spirit at every level of our team, with the right space in which to express it and the best tools with which to do it.

logoIndividual creativity

We believe that individual creativity generates innovation and development and is the driving force of our uniqueness.
And it is the creativity of REVO’s people that allows us to exploit the full potential of our technology.

logoUnion of expertise and talent

We also strongly believe that combining expert management with young, specialised profiles - with an average corporate age of less than 40 - is the right formula for generating a broad, continuous spread of ideas and more vibrant and innovative approaches.
The result is a combination of enormous potential, where there is great insurance expertise and an open, young and forward-looking spirit: as in the best start-ups, but with the experience of a large company.

The combination that enabled a strong growth of our team

That combination has become even stronger in the last year, thanks to the 112% increase in the team. This has been a balanced inflow of individuals, some with more than 20 years’ experience, and some young talents, in whom we have decided to invest with conviction and optimism. We also want to move more and more towards gender balance: in just seven months, we have increased the female component of the REVO team by 10% to 35%. Women are now present at all levels of the Company, with the expectation/prospect of further increasing the percentage.

+112%Team growth over the last year
35%Female presence
<40years-old Average Company age

Why this organisation and this philosophy? Because we believe that businesses should be thought of as a social organisation that, in addition to profit, contribute to the achievements and well-being of the people who work for them. In other words, people should not be changing themselves for their company: the company should be changing itself for its people. This was what Adriano Olivetti believed and, when ideas are good, there’s no need to add much more.

Corporate welfare

As people are our greatest asset, one of our top priorities is to protect them to the best of our ability. That’s why we launched our welfare policy, offering a full range of services that promote training, care for health and personal well-being, support family assistance, and incentivise sports and cultural activities.

logoContribution to supplementary pension schemes
logoRefund of expenses for education and learning
logoRefund of expenditures for care services to the elderly or not self-sufficient relatives
logoRefund of expenses for public transportation travelcards
logoVouchers (Ticket Welfare Services)
logoVouchers (Tichet Complimets Services) on different spending categories
logoRefund of interest expenses on mortgages

Smart working, job posting e reward

Achieving a good work-life balance, building a career based on your qualities and seeing your efforts and achievements recognised are important goals for everyone. That’s why we offer these three opportunities to everyone on our team.

logoSmart working

We embrace a hybrid way of working, with the option of smart working for up to 40% of total monthly working hours.

logoJob posting

We have established internal job posting to encourage the opening of a pathway that leads to maximum flexibility and values all REVO’s people with career paths that we have specifically designed for all sectors and profiles.


We have a system of rewards, so we can give everyone the recognition they deserve for the achievement of corporate and personal goals.


The world of work is constantly changing and evolving, thanks to technology that is developing faster and faster. The development and constant updating of knowledge, technical capacity and skills is now a fundamental aspect of professional life, as is the refinement of soft skills and personal growth.That’s why, at REVO, we encourage training at every level.

LinkedIn Learning Hub

We have made the LinkedIn Learning Hub platform available for all REVO colleagues for tailor-made courses and give free access to a catalogue of more than 16,000 courses to extend your horizons beyond your comfort zone.

Master Insurtech di IIA

We also offer our talents the opportunity to participate in the IIA Insurtech Master’s, to provide the necessary tools to understand and manage the digital innovations that are transforming the insurance industry and established business models.

We also provide courses in communication, Microsoft Excel and English language.


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