Media Kit

The essential documents for finding out about REVO, with comprehensive information about its business, objectives and specific operational features.

A logo for an innovative soul

Every name has a story. It can be longstanding or recent, high-end or casual. Our name is young but determined, like the story we’re writing: REVO comes from “revolution” and conveys our vision for the future and the role we want to play in the market.
The REVO logo is displayed in strong colours and clean, sharp shapes to represent the spirit of the Company and its desire to make the insurance world evolve.
The decisive nature of the letters expresses the tenacity that drives us to achieve our goal in the fastest and most straight and linear way: simplification is our mantra.
Defined lines combined with softened elements convey the strength of an exceptional team that combines visionary management experience with the enterprise and creativity of a team aged under 40.
Orange and green are colours that express the essence of REVO: positive energy, an innovative soul and a dynamic mentality.