Private Credit Insurance

We insure the credit risk of banks with four types of cover:

What we cover

Mortgage insurance, is recognised as a suitable guarantee to enable the granting disbursal of LTV>80% mortgages and maintain the “fondiario” status of the loan
On synthetic securitisation transactions, which are useful to cover the credit risk of a given portfolio of assets that the bank holds on its balance sheet through an unfunded credit protection solution
Salary-backed loan credit insurance, which covers the bank against the credit risk resulting from termination of the borrower’s employment relationship
Donation, which covers the bank for receivables relating to mortgage loans guaranteed by real estate and originating from donations

Paola Ricciardi

I got my first job in credit and risk management early: six months before graduating in Business Economics. I worked in insurance as a private credit line manager in the early 2000s. And today, after 20 years of financial risk management, I can say with complete certainty that I can put my aptitude to work most effectively in this role. What’s my aptitude? Curiosity, a desire to always learn new things and determination to achieve my goals.


The lines of business

Agriculture: Weather risks
Casualty: third-party liability and accidents
Financial Lines
Marine Cargo
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