Policies for managing dialogue

REVO attaches great importance to continuous, open and transparent communication with shareholders and investors and other market operators in general.
Discussion, dialogue and listening are key elements for value creation in the medium to long term. This way of operating both helps to improve understanding of the Company’s strategies and business and enables the Company to gather information that is useful in guiding decision-making and action plans, ensuring high standards of governance.
In order to promote an increasingly open dialogue with all its shareholders and investors, the Board of Directors has approved the Policy for the management of dialogue with shareholders and investors in general, in accordance with the provisions of Article 1, Principle IV and Recommendation 3, of the Corporate Governance Code of the Italian Corporate Governance Committee, to which the Company adheres.
The Policy regulates dialogue outside of the Shareholders’ Meeting between the Board of Directors and the representatives of shareholders and investors and defines its principles, rules and procedures, identifying the persons concerned, interlocutors, topics for discussion (please see the PDF for more information), timing and channels of interaction.
The Policy is based on the following principles:
• Transparency:
• Clarity;
• Timeliness;
Equal treatment and access to information;
• Promotion of sustainable success;
• Compliance.

Current relationship

October 12, 2022

Policy for managing dialogue with shareholders and investors in general